Revel in relaxation in the sauna of the hotel wellness center Katharein. The newly renovated interior wellness center, we modified according to the latest trends to truly serve the maximum relaxation of body and mind. With us you can choose the type of sauna that suits you.


    Finnish (wet) sauna is a classical type of sauna with a long tradition. This is the current trend. The temperature must not exceed 75-80 °C, humidity reaches about 80 %. Sauna is equipped with oven stones that pour to create steam. Adapted ventilation and air circulation ensures that the temperature and humidity are maintained at the same level in all parts of the room, from ceiling to floor.


    Steam sauna can as-well enjoy those who have health problems but do not allow visit a classic sauna (but always need to consult a doctor). Sauna temperature reaches max. +60 °C at 100 % humidity and not so much burden the body compare to classic type of sauna. Effects of steam sauna bring muscle and mental relaxation, the body detoxication, helps pain in muscles and joints, contribute to the overall recovery and relaxation.


    Infra sauna (or infra-cabins) used primarily by sportsmen, but is intended for anyone who spends active rest. Infrared radiation, which penetrates into the body to a depth of 4 cm, promotes natural immunity, reduces pain and muscle strain and stiffness of the limbs and joints, increases the extensibility of tissue, and increases blood flow and thus initiates the healing processes in the body. The temperature in the infra sauna is around 50 °C.


    Massages are a wonderful means to relieve stress, tension and recharge a new energy. In our hotel we offer professional masseuse services for tired muscles to restore your physical and mental strength. Discover also a magic of the beneficial therapeutic effects of massage and pamper yourself.